We have available to purchase an optional pre-school uniform which consists of a sweatshirt and polo shirt with our logo on.

Should you wish to purchase either of these items, please speak to the pre-school administrator.

At pre-school, we aim to develop your child’s independence skills, therefore, it would be helpful if you would send your child to pre-school wearing clothing which they are able to manage by themselves.  For example: elasticated waistbands (no belts or tight clothing) and footwear that they can get on and off themselves (we recommend velcro straps).

We often experience messy play, children are required to wear aprons although accidents can happen, so older clothing which is easily laundered is preferable. We want children to enjoy their play without worrying about messing up their clothes.

Please label all of your child’s clothes as this will enable us to return them to the correct child at the end of each session and please bring a labelled bag to pre-school each day with a change of clothes for your child, as children often require to be changed during the day due to messy and/or water play.