We regard snack and mealtimes as an important part of the pre-school day.

Eating represents a social time for both children and adults and helps children learn about healthy eating.

It also provides another opportunity to develop the children’s independence through making choices and feeding themselves.


The pre-school operates a healthy snack policy and actively encourages the children to eat a wide range of healthy foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Following parent consultation, snacks are now provided by the pre-school. Children are offfered a healthy snack each session at the cost of 50p per session per child. We havea rolling nsack system where children can choose when they would like their snack. Fresh water is also available at all times throughout the day.

If your child has a food allergy, please advise us so that we can record the details of the allergy and provide an alternative healthy option.


Our lunchtime is from 11.30am to 12.00pm.

Children have the option of having a hot school dinner, prepared by the school cook, Mrs Wallace or bringing their own packed lunch to pre-school.

There is a charge of £2.40 per child per day for a hot school dinner payable to Warrington Borough Council.

Due to Covid-19, children are required to bring a home packed lunch for the first term. No hot school lunches are available.

In keeping with our healthy eating policy, we respectfully ask that families opting to send their child to pre-school with a packed lunch provide a healthy nutritious lunch such as sandwiches, a piece of fruit and a milk based dessert such as a yoghurt.

Both the primary school and pre-school operate a strict ‘No Nuts’ policy.

Preschool friends enjoying their lunch.